Welcome to Tax Tip Tuesdays!

Welcome to Tax Tip Tuesdays starring The Funny Accountant! If you’re reading this, you’re looking either for a tax tip or a laugh, perhaps both. Or maybe you’re my mother. Hi Mom. The Funny Accountant hopes to satisfy all your laughing and tax tipping needs…..in a very appropriate way, of course.


…Courtesy of The Funny Accountant

If your family’s total income is under (roughly) $50,000, you can get cash back from your governments! Quebec has the Solidarity Tax Credit and Canada has the GST credit. But you have to be registered for direct deposit in Quebec, otherwise they won’t pay up! So be sure to file properly and stick it to all those families making $50,001 per year!

Also, if you’re married or have kids, there’s even more fun to be had…..with more credits! However, we at the offices of The Funny Accountant have been advised by legal counsel that we cannot recommend entering into nuptials or procreating for the purpose of securing tax credits.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our first installment or Tax Tip Tuesdays.

Tune in next week for a discussion involving body odour and personal space.
Intrigued? So are we.

Nanu Nanu,
The Funny Accountant.

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