Let’s build bridges in Quebec

A brilliant concept to help bridge the divides in today’s Quebec…

Mark Unleashed

The identity and Charter of Values debates in Quebec have definitely increased tensions on both sides of this province’s linguistic divide. Personally, I am sad and angry at this state of affairs. I am scared for the future of this province. The separation debate is one thing, but trying to win an election by instilling fear of your neighbours is much, much worse. 

Much of the support for these divisive policies seems to be coming from Quebec’s “regions”. Areas outside of the big cities where the population is very homogeneous. They don’t see Muslims very often. Most of them don’t have Muslim friends, and I dare say that many might never have even met one. 

It seems that there are 2 plausible explanations for the 40%+ support of these  policies. 1) that the people who support them are truly hateful, or 2) that they are scared, insecure, fearful of what…

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One thought on “Let’s build bridges in Quebec

  1. I’m hoping it’s #2 as well! I’d hate to believe that there would be that much hatred in one place! It’s a shame that the Canadian government is allowing Marois to breed hatred using politics and it’s even worse that the people of Quebec are following along with her shenanigans! We live in a very small community and don’t see any Muslims unless we go to NB, yet we don’t have such problems here. Maybe it’s because we’re more accepting of people here but I honestly think that it’s because we have Madame Hitler holding the reigns!


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