Tax time: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Tax time really is the most wonderful time of the year! While that may sound sarcastic coming from an accountant (and don’t get me wrong, it’s 92% sarcastic), it also means I get a few minutes to catch up with tax clients who I only get to see once per year. I get updates on new babies, old babies, new houses, new jobs and all the other ups, downs and exciting happenings in their lives. Fun!

Since my own life is pretty nuts lately (new baby, relatively new house), it’s always nice to take a break to catch up with a real, human person rather than stare at my computer screen all day. Speaking of staring at my computer screen all day (segue complete!), this year is a bit unique in that we’ve been thrown a few tax curveballs that make it a bit more complicated to properly file your taxes. Whether you’re single, married, have kids or don’t have kids, are an employee, are self-employed, own your house or live in your parents’ garage, there are tax breaks to be had and more hoops to jump through than in the past. Without getting into the details, I will simply say this: don’t do your taxes yourself this year! I promise that in most cases, things will be missed on your tax filing and you’ll and up on the losing end of the rainbow (on the opposite side of the gold, I’m actually pretty sure there’s a rabid leprechaun waiting…AKA a Revenu Quebec auditor). Plus, if you choose to have your taxes done by a pro (me for example), you can now be one of many, happy clients who get to catch me up once a year on all the awesome things happening in your life! Don’t forget the baby pictures and samples of all those delicious dinners you’ve cooked lately!

For further reading, please check out another blog post of mine on How to Get Your Taxes Done for Free (sort of…).


The Funny Accountant

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