For My Daughter, For My Family…For Montreal, I Will Participate in the Bill 60 Hearings.

At this point, there’s not much I can write about the proposed Charter of Values that hasn’t already been written, said, blogged about, carved in soapstone or scratched into frosted-over car windows. I can, however, point my ever-so-loyal readers in the right direction so you can to better educate yourselves on the issue while simultaneously enjoying an entertaining read. So, without further ado: The Funny Accountant‘s Top 5 list of Bill 60/Charter of Values articles (drum roll please):

  1. MINE!! Did you really think I wouldn’t plug my own piece on the Charter? Check it out here, here and here. Or, in French here and here (oh yeah, and here). Teehee. On a serious note (because this post was so funny before this…), please leave comments below and/or send them by e-mail if you want to have your say on Bill 60. I will be presenting before the National Assembly in the next several weeks and would be proud to communicate any thoughts you might have on the proposed Charter.
  2. My wife (AKA @MamaKujo) wrote a great piece on the Charter and its impact on our family on her blog. A very passionate article that will get you thinking at the very least.
  3. The writings of Fariha Naqvi-Mohamed (AKA @CanadianMomeh), specifically her blog posts Why It Is Not Alright to Call Someone an F’ing Terrorist and An Open Letter to Pauline Marois from a Hijab-wearing Muslim Quebecois.
  4. An article by Amber Rehman (AKA @Amberzcorner) on Teenagers Reactions to the Charter of Values. It should be noted that I included the comments and thoughts of Amber’s youth group in my brief to the Committee studying Bill 60 and hope to present their words in front of the National Assembly.
  5. And just as all the madness was beginning back in September….journalist and radio personality Tommy Schnurmacher’s Open Letter to Pauline Marois.

If audio or video is your game, look no further (than the links just a short mouse-drag below)!!

Check out the audio from my interview with Barry Morgan on CJAD. I’m told I didn’t do THAT badly…(thanks Mom). Audio to come shortly on my appearance on The Exchange with Dan Delmar from January 13th.

Cote Saint-Luc mayor Anthony Housefather couldn’t say it any better in a video filmed in November, prior to a very successful Christmas tree lighting, Menorah lighting and rally outside CSL City Hall this past December.

My friend Ari Grunzeweig’s company Imagination Creations created this video on behalf of The Jewish General Hospital, to highlight the fact that we’re all happy just the way things are….


The Funny Determined Daddy Accountant

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One thought on “For My Daughter, For My Family…For Montreal, I Will Participate in the Bill 60 Hearings.

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