For My Daughter: My Brief to the Quebec National Assembly

I’ve received a great response (and surprising since anyone but my Mom reading my blog still surprises me!….thanks Mom.) to my blog post last Thursday on my feelings on Bill 60 and my intention to present before the National Assembly during the public debate beginning in January. I thought I’d clarify the plan since I had a few questions about how this brief thing works and what role would be played by those who choose to send me a note to include in the brief.  So here it goes!

What happens to the note I submit?

  • Anything submitted to me that is relevant to the subject matter at hand WILL be included in the brief and WILL be made public once submitted. The content may not end up being presented in person before the committee on Bill 60 but it must, by law, be studied by the MNAs to whom it is sent. 
  • How much of the content of each particular entry will have to be left to my judgement since the time allotted will be limited. I will do my best to include at least a few words from everyone who made the effort to write to me and to get at the essence of what you were trying to express.

Will The Funny Accountant be picked to present before the committee?

  • Well, first off I’m going to sign the brief “Mitchell Kujavsky and contributors” and try to avoid mentioning the Funny Accountant since I have a feeling that a sense of humour might be lacking in this particular part of Quebec City.
  • Secondly, no one but the MNAs themselves know the criteria they use to select an individual or group to present their brief in person. However, common sense tells us that the more individuals involved in preparing a brief or the more well-known an organization, the more likely they will be selected. It is my hope that the former applies, that I can compile as many of your thoughts as possible to put together a presentation that cannot be brushed aside.

Guess that’s it for now. Please keep your words coming and keep sharing the original post as well as the original post in French for those who would prefer to read it in our sister language.

Pour l’avenir!

The Funny Determined Daddy Accountant

BOBETTE_FLEUR_DE_LYS-2 Get it? A Quebec BRIEF??? (They don’t call me The Funny Accountant for nothing you know!)

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One thought on “For My Daughter: My Brief to the Quebec National Assembly

  1. […] MINE!! Did you really think I wouldn’t plug my own piece on the Charter? Check it out here, here and here. Or, in French here and here (oh yeah, and here). Teehee. On a serious note (because this post was so funny before this…), please comment and e-mail if you want to have your say on Bill 60. I will be presenting before the National Assembly in the next several weeks and would be proud to communicate any thoughts you might have on the proposed Charter. […]


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