Book Review: Calm Mama, Happy Baby

The (Mis)Adventures of MamaKujo

Calm Mama, Happy Baby
Authors: Derek O’Neill & Jennifer Waldburger
Publication: HCI Books, October 1, 2013

Publisher’s Synopsis:

Staying calm as a parent is difficult even under the best circumstances, and many new parents today struggle with information overload, conflicting advice from experts, and lack of social support. The result? Stress. Alarmingly, research shows that a parent’s mood and behavior are contagious, and that parental stress directly impacts children’s physical health, social and emotional learning, and brain development. Drawing on an eye-opening blend of neuroscience and the authors’ experience in working with parents in workshops and private sessions over nearly two decades, Calm Mama, Happy Baby empowers moms (and dads) to be proactive about managing stress and choosing calm instead. With simple, step-by-step techniques, parents will learn how to tap into their natural instincts and respond to their baby’s needs with clarity and confidence. From feeding and sleep problems to…

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