A Free Meeting With The Funny Accountant: You Bring the Cookies.

The 2 questions I get asked the most often are “what do you charge?” and “what do I need to give you?”  Trust me that the answers to both questions are more than you’ll want to read in a weekly blog post! But I’m a nice guy (it’s probably because of the Movember beard) so I’ll give you the short answers:

What do you charge?

In short (as promised) – For a basic personal tax return, $150. For a couple, $250.

General consulting (budgets, business plans, hanging out in my office talking about stuff), $80/hr.

Bookkeeping, anywhere from $40/hr to $60/hr.

Why the large range for bookkeeping? If you have additional needs for your business (if you have a Corporation for example), I create a nice, package deal so the bookkeeping rate is reduced and wrapped into an annual fee for the work.

Please keep in mind – I never charge for an initial meeting. Maybe I’m setting myself up to be taken advantage of…but you know what? If the odd person comes along for free advice then so be it. I hope that the majority of potential clients realize that the opening meeting is kind of like a mutual job interview. We’re both testing the waters to see if this new relationship will work from both sides! In fact, if I were to charge for an initial meeting with a client, I’d fully expect to get an equivalent bill in return! I do, however, expect cookies (or non-dark chocolate in any form…)

What do I need to give to you?

That’s a tough one…let’s see here…EVERYTHING! OK, no wait. Not everything. Unless I’m doing your bookkeeping, never give me receipts. Ever. That sounded mean, I apologize. An excel schedule with the receipts already input will save me time, save you money and make me happier. And I like being happy. Always give me the last couple of year’s tax returns (if you have them). If you don’t have them, try and get ’em.  If you can’t get ’em, not the end of the world. Life goes on.

If you have a Corporation, it becomes a bit more complex.  I promised “short” (see reference above) and I don’t like breaking promises (especially on Tuesdays!). So call me…we’ll chat (perhaps even about stuff!) and the initial meeting is a free powwow with The Funny Accountant so what are you waiting for??!!

For further reading on the above topics, check out a couple of blog posts from earlier in the year – Q & A with The Funny Accountant and Why You Should Use an Accountant.


The Fuzzy (and Funny) Accountant

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