“I Want My Daughter to Be Weird” -The Daddy Accountant, 2013

First of all, a thank you to @Christellasays and @YummyMummyClub for the original blog post that led me to write my own.

My daughter Rose was taught her Hulk Face by her Daddy right around the same time she began communicating by more conventional means.  In fact, by the time she mastered her Hulk, she had only a minimal vocabulary and hadn’t yet taken her first steps. But boy could she spin a mean Lou Ferrigno!!

Now, my wife and I didn’t set out to create a weird kid. We don’t exactly consider ourselves to be “normal” people (but who out there does…) and I guess we just assumed that Rosie would turn out to be unique in her own, natural way. The quirks that come from having a Father with a large collection of Star Trek: The Next Generation books and who owns a large telescope would be unavoidable. Add to that a Mommy with the artistic leanings of a writer, painter and baker who somehow finds her husband’s collection of science fiction books endearing…well, I think you get the idea.  Now that Rose is beginning to develop her own personality, it’s amazing to watch what aspects of each of our personalities she absorbs, transforms and turns into her own, special brand of person.

It seems to me that our only job as her parents is to keep her on a fairly wide road. Whether she’s on the shoulder of that road or right smack in the middle on the double line, anywhere in the general vicinity of the pavement is ok by me. A child that says “please” and “thank you” and has respect for those around her is really all I ask for…and the occasional Hulk Face of course!


PS – Speaking of the quirks of Rose’s Daddy, in the next few weeks, the world is going to meet Comet ISON, which is going to take a quick spin around the sun on November 28th. On or around December 8th, depending on whether it survives its close encounter with the Sun, it may put on an incredible show in the pre-dawn sky. If you’re not an early-bird, on that same day or a couple of evenings later, look towards where the sun has just set, making sure you have a nice view of the horizon. Hopefully you can share a view with your kids that they’ll never forget!



The Funny Daddy Accountant

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