Tax Tip Tuesdays: The Melancholy Yet Thoughtful Accountant

Yes, this is technically a Tax Tip Tuesday…but I guess a melancholy start to the week has gotten me in the mood to change the world. And since I have no clue how to do that, I’ll share my Sunday and Monday experiences and maybe it’ll light a fire under someone out there!

It obviously started with the horrible typhoon in the Phillipines, and the Red Cross short of cash to contribute the required resources. Then my Uncle Sammy participates in a charity boxing match in Hamilton (victory!) while back in Montreal my face gets itchy as heckfire with the foundation of a Movember beard (soon to be a goatee and soon after that some form of moustache (pronounced with a French accent…or “moose-tash”).

My point? No clue. Just sharing. Though it is nice to feel as if I’m doing something…although I still often wonder if our spare time might be better spent.

Giving blood to the Red Cross, entertaining a club-full of boxing fans (and making $ for cancer research) and growing awesome ‘staches seems a far better use of our relatively short lives than the nonsense that has monopolized the news recently (you know who you are…Pauline and Rob).

Anyways, watch a fun fight! Uncle Sammy kicks ass! I promise 2 solid tax tips next week.


The Really Fuzzy Accountant

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