Movember & The Funny Accountant

Conversation with the wife yesterday:

Mitch: “Do you think I should shave or should I participate in Movember?”

Wifey: “Well, you already have a moustache so you might as well! And it is for a great cause.”

Mitch: “But, what if I put my Movember campaign out there in the universe and no one donates any money to my ‘stache campaign? It would be pretty embarrassing that it would now be public knowledge that no one likes me and that I have some difficulty in evenly growing my facial hair…

Wifey: “You’re an #$%&@ (censored as this is a family blog).

After talking to my wife, it really opened my eyes to what an #$%&@ I’ve been in not participating in this great cause during the past several years. Furthermore, Movember is unlike other charitable events in that you’re getting SIGNIFICANT value for your charitable contributions. Watching some of these moustachi grow is often far more entertaining than your average comedy show (for which you might pay even more than for a small Mo’donation)!

So give generously and let the entertainment and hilarity and health awareness ensue!! Donate HERE!!


The Funny Fuzzy (and soon to be Fuzzier) Accountant


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