Tax Tip Tuesdays with The Fuzzy Accountant!

So I’ve been tossing around a few “not-so-obvious” choices for a Halloween costume since my sexy nurse outfit was fully and completely NIXED by the Missus. My first thought was something ironic….like the Crooked Accountant:

Crooked Accountant

Once again, nixed,  I thought of other ironic choices like the Sketchy Accountant or the Taxi Accountant but the consensus was “not great for business”.  So we ended up settling on the safe choice, the not so LOL but maybe “chuckle politely to yourself” Fuzzy Accountant!!

Fuzzy Accountant

And there we have it!! Creepy enough for Halloween, a simple yet elegant solution to the always complex problem of what to dress up as for Halloween!

Which brings us to our weekly tax tip (and a terrible segue): a simple yet elegant solution (and also REALLY SCARYYYYY) that the Quebec Government found to solve an underfunded health care system – the Health Contribution! For those of us living in Quebec, the rule of thumb is this – if you’re earning more than about $30,000 per year, you’re going to be hit with a $200 bill on your provincial tax return. It’s just that simple (and horror-filled! Boo!).  So don’t get angry at this simple, Fuzzy Accountant come personal tax time because you were WARNED about it on Halloween Week!!

Happy trick-or-treating!


The Funny Fuzzy Accountant

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