A Wistful Wednesday With The Funny Accountant

I think our amazing, fall weather is getting to me, perhaps playing with my mind and making me dread the coming winter, but I’m having a thoughtful, slightly melancholy Wednesday morning and wanted to share some thoughts with the world. The topic? Everyone’s favourite – Quebec politics!

I have a confession to make. Until this morning, I hadn’t read the proposed Quebec Charter of Values. All my knowledge on it is based on what I have read in the news, on the internet and in my conversations with others. In fact, I can report at this time that I still haven’t read the Charter because I can’t find it. Nowhere on the internet. And the internet is very big.

Perhaps someone out there can clarify for me exactly what the Charter is since it seems that the only available information on the web are 5 proposals outlined on the Nos Valeurs website and what appears to be an overly simplified, propaganda video starring Bernard Drainville. Does a detailed document exist in which the specifics of the proposed legislation are outlined? If so, could someone please send me a link, a pdf or even a bunch of carved stone tablets (I’ll pay COD for the tablets)? In fact, please vote below YES or NO if you have actually read, seen or heard rumor of an actual document.

I’m aware that most of my readers are probably anglophones and are therefore not pro-charter.  It is for this reason that I’ll be translating this and future blog posts on the subject with the hope that it will trigger a thought process inside the mind of someone who is pro-charter, causing them to perhaps question the level of respect their elected officials have for them.

I’ll stop here before I become known as The Depressing Accountant.  But please let us not become complacent as time passes.  Plus, rallies are fun! Anyone remember October 1995??!!

Wow, I’m old.


The Funny Accountant.

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And for a less depressing read, check out the wifey’s blog.  It’s funny and good.

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