Introducing…Thursday Thoughts! (interim title pending the creation of something less boring.)

Trying something new: not thinking about or writing about or living or DOING taxes for an afternoon.  And so was birthed Thursday Thoughts by The Funny Accountant! The topic I push forth from my accounting womb this week: saving money on your groceries!

I guess it is loosely related to tax in that if you save money on anything, it leaves more money for savings and somehow…SOMEHOW….that will eventually lead back to accounting (everything does if you think about it).  But tax is on the back burner today! That being said…..introducing SOS Cuisine! It’s a great little website that my wife (blog plug! blog plug!) and I use to find out where anything and everything in the groceries world is on sale. You can customize your search any which way – by store, location, category of groceries, etc.

Now, this Funny Accountant ain’t cheap but he also ain’t dumb.  If I can hop on a website real quick to see where I can find sales on the cheese my little Rose loves, the Skor bars that her Daddy loves or the healthy yuckies that @MamaKujo loves, I’m not going to turn away free $ (I do admit to enjoying that kale salad and quinoa in some of the wifey’s creative concoctions is kinda growing on me….).

Anyways, enjoy SOS Cuisine if you check it out.  And, if you end up saving any money from this blog post, my only request is this: if you’ve bought the ingredients for any type of cookie, cake or brownies and those ingredients happen to accidentally mix together in a bowl and somehow find themselves in the oven and by chance end up being a delicious treat…I will patiently await my for my daily chocolate fix 🙂

Happy Thunder Thrusty Thursday Thingies Theory THOUGHTS!!

The Funny Accountant.

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