Tax Tip Tuesday – A “Second Look” at Your Personal Taxes

Welcome back to Tax Tip Tuesdays after a brief Monday stint (for what I considered a rather hilarious April Fool’s Day joke in which I moved my blog post back 1 day!).  I know…Riotous!!

For today’s tip, we will resume the hilarity of taxes, credits and general accounting fun by discussing everyone’s favourite topic….Money! (And how to save some.)

The other day, a friend who prepares her own personal taxes asked me if I would have a look at her tax return to make sure she didn’t make any mistakes.  Being the fearless entrepreneur that I am, this concept got my brain all fired up…therefore, as of this moment, The Offices of The Funny Accountant are introducing our “Second Look” Service.

For a small fee ($50 for very basic tax returns), we’ll have a look at the taxes you prepared yourself and advise you of any small errors you may have made.  If you refer to this previous blog post, scientists and mathematicians have proven that mistakes are made when numb3rs are in7olved.  If the tax return in question is a complete and total train wreck (and will therefore have cost you a whole lot of money in missed credits, deductions, penalties, etc.), then I will – of course – advise you to have your return redone by a funny (and experienced) professional.

As you my faithful blog readers can see, I enjoy listening and learning from my loving following (hi again Mom).  With that in mind, if anyone out there has in mind any topics they wish to read about on this blog, please let me know!  Post on Facebook, comment on the blog page or send me an e-mail at and I can almost guarantee that if your idea doesn’t suck, I will be writing about it next week.

Set Phasers to Fun!

The Funny Accountant.

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