Tax Tip #8: How to Get Your Taxes Done for Free! (sort of…)

This week’s Tax Tip Tuesday is going to be very simple. Here it is:

Use an Accountant to File Your Taxes!

Or more specifically, use me! OK, maybe this shameless plug of and is a little over the top…so please feel free to use any accountant of your choosing as long as his name rhymes with the Shmunny Shmaccountant.

Surveys based on the science, conducted by me over the past several minutes, have shown that over 97% of individuals who use an accountant to file their personal and/or corporate taxes actually end up financially benefiting from that relationship. In other words, the fees you will pay an accountant actually pay for themselves. Therefore, in a way, your accounting is free! Perhaps you have a small business and have missed a few expenses that you didn’t know you could deduct. Or maybe you have the most simple, straight forward tax return but forgot that you need to register for direct deposit for some tax credits and lost hundreds of dollars that you had coming to you.

It may sound cliché but an accountant really can help you avoid any costly oversights.  So if you have an accountant, whoever they are, give them a big thank you hug next time you visit their office. Or, if your accountant is me, get him a fruit basket (my 14-month-old daughter digs bananas and blueberries). If you don’t yet have an accountant (or if your current accountant doesn’t deserve that hug), please see the orange text below.

For more information, please contact The Funny Accountant/President of MK & Associates at

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