Tax Tip #3 – Not Filing Your Taxes?

Welcome to February: the month we start getting all kinds of fun pieces of mail from our governments and experiencing that mini-heart-attack feeling each time we see that envelope waiting for us when we get home while thinking, “OHBOY…this time I’m for sure getting audited!”

On that note, let’s chat about not filing your taxes!

First off, BAD CITIZEN!

Now that we’ve got that out of our system, if you haven’t filed your taxes for a year or more, even if you did not work during that period, and especially if you were a student, you still need to file a ZERO return. Filing a zero return still yields a GST credit of at least $260 for the year.

Now, just think of all the stuff you can buy with $260! Go ahead, we’ll wait…

(pause for effect)

….Thanks for joining us for this week’s Tax Tip Tuesday! Next week we think we’ll
probably talk about getting old but we don’t remember where we left it.

Make It So,

The Funny Accountant

PS – For more information on this and other tax issues, please contact The Funny
Accountant/President of MK & Associates at

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